First let us introduce our team.

Sebastian is a coach and inventor. He’s been creating ways to improve the golf swings of junior golfers on a shoestring budget at SKOUTgolf since 2015. From PVC pipes, to pylons, golf ball baskets, to walking the aisles of Home Depot, his biggest wish was to send his students home with the training aids they used during lessons so that they could replicate everything in their own practice.

Jennie is a golfer. She’s most at home on the driving range hitting 300 balls, complaining that her 3-yard draw is curving too much. Her high standards were developed from years of playing the highest levels of junior, collegiate, and tour golf. After retiring from tour life, she looked for ways to stay connected to the game. Eventually she started coaching at SKOUTgolf, where she met her husband…Sebastian.

The Golf Boks was created in Oregon in 2021, sometime between the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, and ice storms. As dedicated coaches, we had to find innovative ways to connect with our students and keep improving their golf games. After a few rounds of creating “things that hold up alignment sticks”, a folded up beer box turned into a training aid, and The Golf Boks was born.

Our ultimate goal is that the Golf Boks lands at your doorstep absolutely FREE. Golf products will be packaged and shipped using a custom designed version of The Golf Boks. Imagine, instead of piling your recycling bin with non-reusable cardboard, re-use The Boks to improve your swing, lower your scores, and make your practice more productive.

What are some ways you can help? Follow us on Instagram, and spread the word to companies focused on growing the game and looking to improve their sustainability.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading.