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Our Mission

Our passion for golf and inspiring young golfers sparked our mission to grow the game. Our ultimate goal is for the Golf Boks to arrive on your doorstep for FREE!

We plan for golf products to be packaged and shipped using a custom-designed version of The Golf Boks. We're creating packaging that can be re-used to improve your swing, lower your scores, and make your practice more productive. 

Our History

The Golf Boks was engineered and created in Oregon in 2021 by Sebastian and Jennie - fellow golf coaches. 

Sebastian has been coaching junior golfers at SKOUTgolf since 2015. His biggest wish was to send his students home with effective training aids to practice between lessons.

Jennie is a golfer with years of experience playing the highest levels of junior, collegiate, and tour golf. After retirement from tour life, she began coaching at SKOUTgolf where she met her husband, Sebastian.

As dedicated coaches, they had to find innovative ways to connect with students and keep improving their golf games. After creating a few "things that hold up alignment sticks" (a folded-up beer box turned into a training aid) The Golf Boks was born.

The Golf Boks Community

We have been helping golfers improve their swing nationwide. What began as an innovative idea in Oregon has been sent to the doorsteps of our customers across the US.

They rate us five stars and have some great feedback about our products. Find out what they say about us in our reviews

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We are based in Beaverton, OR, United States, and ship our products nationwide in the US. 

Feel free to get in touch any time!

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