The Golf Boks 1.0

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The least technologically advanced, most versatile training aid ever.

Better than a 12-pack of lessons, The Golf Boks can be used to work on every club in the bag, from putter to driver, on the range or at home. It's for fades, draws, pushes, and pulls. Improve your hip sway and slide, steady your head motion, control your low point, and learn a consistent ball position, and stance width. Practice a solid putting setup, groove a pure stroke, and improve your speed control on the greens.

The Golf Boks can help you improve your golf game, no matter your age, size, skill level, or what side of the ball you stand on.

The more alignment sticks you have, the more The Golf Boks can do. It does so much you'll just have to purchase one and find out for yourself.

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