The Golf Boks 2.0

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The Golf Boks is the practice assistant you need. It is the simplest device you can use to hold up alignment sticks for you. Whether you practice in your home, at the office, or on the range, this training aid will accelerate your improvement. Create a consistent practice station setup for any alignment stick drill you can imagine.


The Golf Boks is the shipping box for some of the greatest training aids in golf: alignment sticks, foam noodles, and tees. The Boks itself does not ship in another box and will not arrive in perfect condition. It may arrive dirty, or with additional shipping stickers from the shipping process. However, we guarantee that The Boks will arrive fully functional. If there is any structural damage, please contact us.
You can practice alone or with an instructor, using the Boks to nail your alignment, ball position, and stance width. Add alignment sticks and foam noodles for safe swing plane and club path practice.
Insert only one alignment stick in one of the holes marked Left, Center, or Right to provide support for multiple alignment sticks and foam noodles at once.


  1. Promotes consistent setup essentials: alignment, ball position, and stance width.
  2. Creates correct visuals for club plane on backswing and downswing.
  3. Provides feedback for major swing flaws like an inside takeaway, or over-the-top move.
  4. Trains hip motion with feedback for too much or too little hip sway.
  5. Execute a consistent setup, swing plane, and club path on the putting green.
  6. Trains stroke length for various putting distances to improve speed control.
  7. Promotes consistent drill setup for players and coaches.

Check out our INSTRUCTION page and INSTAGRAM for different ways to train with it.


  • 1 Golf Boks 2.0
  • 1 Foam Noodle
  • 1 Handful of Tees

 **ALIGNMENT STICKS NOT INCLUDED - Please add them to your cart if you need them**

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