The Golf Boks 2.0

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1 Golf Boks 2.0 + 1 Foam Noodle + Tees  **ALIGNMENT STICKS NOT INCLUDED - Please add them to your cart if you need them**


The Golf Boks does not ship in another box. The product itself is the shipping container and will not arrive in perfect condition. It may arrive dirty, or with additional shipping stickers from the shipping process. However, we guarantee that The Boks will arrive fully functional. If there is any structural damage, please contact us.  

30-Day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it.

Check out our FAQ page for info and answers to more questions.

Check out our INSTRUCTION page for ways to use it.

Made in the USA.

By purchasing a Golf Boks you acknowledge that you have read our disclaimer under our Terms of Service.

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