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🏌️Innovating Practice

Crafting The Golf Boks, we've channeled decades of coaching wisdom into the ultimate golf training aid, trusted by golfers nationwide. Our commitment to the sport and its athletes is simple: deliver effective practice tools straight to your door, designed to be as free as your swing. Born from innovation and a genuine love for the game, The Golf Boks is more than a product — it's our promise to elevate your golf experience.

Refine Your Swing: The 224 Pack Advantage

Elevate your play with the top-rated Golf Boks 224 Pack. Praised by golfers for its effectiveness, this compact training set—with 2 Bokses, 2 Noodles, and 4 Sticks—helps hone your swing for consistent, powerful shots. It’s the shortcut to a better game.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Kathleen R.
Great Teaching Tool

Love my Golf Boks- I use them with my students every day at my golf academy. Whether I working with someone who is swinging over the top or trying to explain swing plane, The Golf Boks are a great visual tool.

So good to hear Kathleen!

Kieran M.
training aid that's work easier

I had been at at stands that are made out of Metal Bases to put alignment rods or cut off shafts but they over roughly $100. This does alot of things especially for me that teaches inside at Golf Galaxy of East Hanover, NJ

Great to hear Kieran! Thanks for sharing!

Kurt S.
Can you say amazing?

You will love these! I promise you your game will get better!!
I teach golf and I absolutely love them! Also, I bought 2 of them!! One for me and the other for my students!
It’s one of the best purchases I made yet!

Love to hear it!!

Derek W.
Great training aid

I have been struggling with my swing path. My swing coach introduced me to the box and it has absolutely been the trick to helping me with my swing path.

Awesome!! Keep up the great work!!

Great Customer Service

Great Follow Up!

Let us know if you have any questions while using The Boks! Hope you love it!!