What's a GolfBoks?

How do I set it up?


We're on a mission to help grow the game of golf by 1% and it all starts with helping golfers improve their swings.

The Golf Boks is the result of years of research setting up alignment sticks and foam noodles to help golfers swing the club better, hit the ball better, and lower their scores. Every top golf instructor would agree that those two are the best training aids in golf!

Get some alignment sticks and foam noodles from us and they come shipped in The Golf Boks 1.0. It's the only training aid on the market designed specifically to ship you the best training aids on the market.

The Golf Boks is fully recyclable but before you do that, reuse it and improve on a bunch of stuff in your golf game. Our corrugate material is water resistant (not waterproof), and durable. It's more durable the less you hit it with your club, but it will survive a few hits. They happen.

You can use The Golf Boks anywhere: out on the range, off grass, turf, or carpet, indoors, on the simulator, in the garage net, or even in the bedroom. And anyone can use it, righty, lefty, cross-handed, tall, short. It's fully adjustable.

In addition to improving your golf swing, your purchase will help grow the game of golf by 1% in more ways. We donate 1% of every sale to environmental non-profits, 1% to national grow the game initiatives, and 1% to local grow the game initiatives.

And to top it off, you get a handful of tees, which top golf instructors would also agree are some of the best training aids in the game.

Thanks for helping us grow the game!

A handful of tees included with every order. A handful is between 5-90 tees, depending on the hand size and feelings of the person who packs it.

If you're not satisfied, let us know within 30 days of your purchase. We'll refund you the price of the Boks and you can keep the alignment sticks.