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Craig F.
Outstanding Training Aid

This is an all-in-one training aid. I already see improvements in my putting stroke and swing plane. This box has it all. Great job and I will recommend it to others.

Hi Craig,
Thank you so much for your kind words and helping us spread the word.
We hope the Boks helps you get improve and enjoy this rgeat game.



Over all the product is good. However the company thinks it’s a good idea to use the Boks as the shipping box. So not only did my Boks arrive damaged but was dirty and dingy, and when the shipping labels were removed it tore the cardboard and damaged the Boks more. When spending this kind of money you would think they would at least spend $3 on a shipping box. Very disappointed and will never buy one of their products again.

Golfboks great visual aid

This is one of the best training aids I have used. Great aid to grove your Swing and keep it on plane.

Thanks Joe!
We're so glad you like The Golf Boks. My goal was to make it a visual training aid that would do exactly what you stated. Your kind words made our day.


Simplicity is beauty

In a world where so much is complicated, The Golf Boks team has figured out an effective way to derive tactile feedback on the golf swing. Would recommend!

Thank you Erik!

We're so happy to hear that you've gotten great feedback from The Golf Boks. That's exactly what we built it for. We look forward to watching you and your family keep improving!


GREAT Customer Service

There were shipping issues with my original order and then again with the followup fix. I just have to say the customer service at The GolfBoks is some of the best I’ve seen in recent years! I think the product is going to be great, but I would support this company for no other reason than, they are doing business the right way! Best wishes and keep up the FANTASTIC work!


I have a box full of several training aids. Gotta say this is the one I use the most. Quick, helpful feedback on your swing. The golf boks helps put into the right positions to improve your set up, swing plane, and contact.

Thank you Seth! We're so glad to hear you're loving The Golf Boks.


Cool concept, not durable

Just got my box today and was very excited to use it. Overall it’s a cool product, but not at all durable.

The boxes are made from regular, delivery box cardboard. It’s not any more or less durable. The description makes it out to be durable cardboard, but it is not.

It wasn’t shipped in another box. They do tell you this, but downplay how much scuffing and damage can occur during transit. Also, it’s annoying having postage stickers and tape all over the boxes.

Mine lasted all of a couple hours. One bad swing clipping a box is game over - it will tear it up like the cardboard box that it is.

I’m sure they have their reasons for not using another material, but functionally it really doesn’t make sense to buy a training aide like this that can’t withstand being clipped. Unless this an aide meant for only scratch golfers, you’re bound to get overconfident and connect with one of the boxes at some point. And when you do, it’s game over.

I’d highly recommend doing another version using the same foam that they use for the soft boxes at gyms for box jumps, etc. Costs may be higher but, but you’d have a much better product on your hands.

EDIT: Upgrading review from 2 stars to 4 stars due to the fantastic (and prompt) customer support I received from Sebastian and his team. While I do still think there are some kinks to work out with this product, I think it's well thought out and can be a great training aide, especially for those who are much better golfers than me and won't hit the box 😅

Hey Mason,

Thanks for sharing your review and feedback.

While the Boks will likely be damaged if hit by a swing, you will hopefully find that it is still capable of holding up an alignment stick afterwards. It seems like it is still functional in the image that you posted, even if it's not pristine anymore.

We also designed the Boks so that every 'HIP SWAY' hole matches the hole that you have the alignment stick in your picture. This way if that common swing plane hole is damaged beyond use, you can simply use any of the other holes to provide the same function. Hopefully this can extend the durability and lifespan of your Boks.

While we considered making the Boks out of other materials, we stuck with cardboard because while the product will damage more easily it is safer when struck. After being hit, yes the Boks will be damaged, but hopefully neither your club nor you will be damaged/hurt. This may not have been the case with other similar training aids that do not provide a foam noodle or give way when struck.

We hope that even though your Boks took some damage from being hit, you will still find it capable of holding up alignment sticks, and fully functional. And that after using it a little longer it provides you enough feedback to help you improve and see the value in it.

We truly appreciate your feedback and support, and hope that our reply helps you prolong the lifespan and use of your Boks.


Brian N.
Great Golfing Tool

This is such a simple but great golf tool. I have a notorious over the top swing. I am able to use the Golfboks with the alignment sticks and noodle to fix this swing path. I also used the box with alignment sticks to learn not to sway back or forth. Such a simple but extremely useful tool. Every new golfer should use this tool and a physical barrier to help you have a proper golf swing.

Great golfing aid

The drills and training helped fix my occasional slice and hook and helped me develop a draw. Also improved my putting speed

Must have training tool

I’ve purchased a number of tools to strike the ball better. (3 handicap). I’ve used the GOLFBOKS almost every day since receiving. Simple to assemble, easy to adjust; expect to continue to use GOLFBOKS regularly. Worth every $.

Joe M.
Best training aid out there.....

The GolfBoks is by far the best value and the versatility is outstanding. You can work on several different areas, with the one training aid. As a former High School coach I just wish this was available a few years ago.


I have really enjoyed working with the GolfBoks. I haven’t been able to fully utilize its full potential because of the weather, but it has made me more aware of my swing plane which has translated into better ball striking

Golf Boks Review

It was easy to setup, I got 2 sets of alignment sticks (white and red), lots of tees, and 2 red soft golf balls to practice with. I was really excited right away at how easy it was to get swinging, and ever more elated once I started finding the swing plane that assured good contact. It only took me 30mins of practice swinging to find the sweet spot. I now use it every single day for around 10mins to just get my body use to the new plane. I’m impressed with how much of an impact this seemingly simple device has made in my swing! I highly recommend everyone try it out and make use of it daily as an aid to keep you in the proper swing plane. I’m not that good, but in my humble opinion, this is an AWESOME training aid.

Henderson F.
Swing plane

Great product to have the correct swing plane without swing thoughts

Love this training tool

The Golf Boks has really helped me correct my over the top issue. I’ve also used it to gain consistency in ball position. This is a great product!

It took quite awhile to receive the product. The set up for the various and numerous drills is not intuitive and one must jump on the website and look through youtube videos to get to what one is looking to accomplish. I believe it would be more effective to provide a set of laminated(or at least written)instructions for all the drills/faults that can be done/cured in an complete and orderly outline. I find it very inefficient to have to go back and forth as such. Also, the on the box instructions are minimal. I do think this is a good product and can be very useful. Getting there easily can avoid frustration and cause customers to abandon what otherwise is a worthwhile process.

Great product

The Golf Boks product is fantastic and easy to use. The alignment sticks easily slide into the boks to provide almost endless possibilities of controlled practice. I highly recommend this product!

Josh H.
Effective Practice Aid

The Golf Boks has been an essential aid in my daughter's, my spouse's and my practice at home. The simple, yet effective feedback you receive regarding your swing plane and other aspects of your swing is extremely helpful. We have been able to quickly identify the flaws in our swing, and not only correct them, but have an aid that allows the correct swing to consistently be implemented. I am extremely happy with this product and highly recommend it. The sticks, noodles and boks itself are quality materials and have held up through daily use over the past four months.

Improved my husbands swing after one week!

My husband has been using it daily and has drastically improved his swing plane.

Great for winter garage work

Fantastic tool to stay sharp during winter months while working on your action in the garage.

Totally worth it!

This trainer can only improve your swing motion. It’s impossible to not find a way these tools can’t help your game. From the sticks, ball positioning, tempo training plus the YouTube videos.. 0% chance your game won’t improve.

Excellent Practice Aid!

- Setup was easy and straightforward
- In addition to the angles pre-punched on the box there is a guide displaying which angles are best for different clubs (wedges, irons, woods, etc.) which is quite useful
- Noodles are sturdy and add a nice visual aid in addition to protection for the poles/your clubs
- Versatile in use both on a simulator or the range

Overall great product and worth the money!

Great product

NZ7362522 k.

Amazing, couldn’t be happier, The magnet is great (super strong) so not worried about phone falling off. The stick itself being thicker than a standard alignment stick allows for stronger hold and not affected by wind 👍

Love the versatility

There are so many different set ups I can use with this.