Turn Through Impact to Improve Contact | The Black Belt

On her first Mother's Day as a mom Jennie shares a tip to help moms and golfers hit powerful and predictable shots.
A common swing fault we see among women and many golfers is stopping their body rotation before impact.
The result is a 'chicken wing' swing.
In this video, Jennie is using our Black Belt training aid to make it easy to see how she turns through the shot.
In the first swing she stops turning and you can see the foam noodle is parallel to the target line.
At the end of the better swings you can see the foam noodle is perpendicular to the target line.
With this drill you'll keep turning through impact, and improve your swing mechanics.
Say goodbye to the chicken wing and hello to better, more consistent contact.
Watch the video to learn this simple drill and elevate your golf game.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.